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We have collected the most important questions, so that you could easily find the answer for almost any question you have doubts to clarify.
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What is icrix.com?

icrix.com has been created from a world wide Team of cryptocurrency lovers and financal experts.
Icrix.com offers a wide range of financal services in the Bitcoin economy. Our strive is to offer cryptocurrency holders a great service to make good investment decisions. For this we have developed in the last 12 month a state of the art algorithm which makes up to 10% per day.

What is the minimum and maximum investment?
You can start investing from any of the following investment plan Basic 20$, Advanced 50$ and Premium 100$.
What is the minimum and maximum deposit?
You withdraw your 10% balance daily depending on the plan you opt for.
Can I withdraw my initial deposit?
Yes. After 5 days you have the possibility to withdraw your initial deposit. But we take a fee of 30% for it.
Is my investment and my interest safe?
Icrix.com is developed and managed from a big Team with a lot of Experience.
We have developed a state of the art algorithm which does not make big loss. In our company only our System decide what to do with the money. Therefore no human error is possible. In the last 4 month before making this platform offical our algorithm makes everday up to 10% profit. icrix.com works on cryptocurrency trading.
Is there a deposit limit? Could I deposit more than one time?
There is deposit limit. You are able to deposit based on the plan you opt for. We only have a minimum deposit limit from (20$)

You can make deposit based on your investment plan. Could I Deposit more than one time? Yes you can, Each investment plan is independent of others
Do you offer a referral Program?
Yes. If you would like to promote our Program, you will earn from different levels.
Level 1: 20%
Level 2: 10% Anytime your referral sign up for any package. you can build a team and earn 10% referral commission forever anytime any of your team member re-deposit.
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How long does my investment run?
Each of your investment runs for 15days. on which you get your principal back plus your profit.