How it works

Registration Process

The following are the steps taken to be register in our financial freedom system. Sign up to Kindly supply a valid information and Invest in any of the investment plan, Either Basic, Advance, Or Premium.

Ensure you pay your investment plan with the bitcoin address you are registered with on to make your payment.

We urge you to pay your membership fee or investment plan immediately after registering yourself.

Your account shall be confirmed immediately after three confirmations from blockchain.

Withdrawal of Referral commission

Here is a vital information you must know about your referral commission.

Automatic Withdrawal Referral Commission
Referral commision Level 1: 20% based on the plan your referral opt for either Basic 20$, Advance 50$ or Premium 100$ and make payment for.(i.e. 4$, 10$ or 20$ ) are sent automatically into your bitcoin wallet address on a daily basis with your daily receiving transactions. Referral commision is limitless

For example, you refer 100people for the first time to our system today for Advance Plan of $50.
On the 100 people you referred, you shall receive payment of $1000 into your bitcoin wallet automatically today.
Referral commision Level 2: 10% anytime your referral re-deposit again. that is you get 10% anytime any of your referral re-dposit, with this you can build a team to have a steady monthly income on our platform forever anytime any of your team member re-deposit.
For example, if the 100people you once refered to our system re-invest again for advance plan of $50 package,
you shall again receive payment of 10% on them each making $500 in total.


Daily your Return on Investment is automatically sent to the bitcoin wallet address you registered with.