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By Registering and Becoming a member of this platform, you agree to the following.
#Number One
You are expected to supply a valid personal details and update all your information, then choose your investment plan, either Basic 20$, Advance 50$, or Premium 100$. For your selected plan, you will get automatic withdrawal base on your investment plan.
#Number Two
You can have multiple investment plan at the same time to get different Return of Investment (ROI) using different email account.
#Number Three
Always enter a valid Transaction Hash ID you paid from your bitcoin wallet.
#Number Four
ICRIX reserve the right to remove, add and modify website at anytime with or without informing any person or member.
#Number Five
ICRIX reserve the right to determine exchange rate for all currency and payment processor we support.
#Number Six
Only one message with full description in the message center is allowed.
#Number Seven
ICRIX reserve the right to pay only 30% of Investment Plan without your CAPITAL RETURN BACK to anyone who may have decide not to trade with our cryptocurrency trading system
#Number Eight
The Client uses the Site at his own discretion. ICRIX will not be liable for any damage or loss, resulting from the Client's use of the Site, including direct, indirect, special and/or non-intentional losses, caused by a third party or consequential damages.
#Number Nine
Icrix’s services are not insured and are not guaranteed obligations. Access to information relating to any Client of the ICRIX, made solely for the purpose of maintaining contact with the Client and service his accounts. Client acknowledges and agrees that any interaction with the ICRIX, including, but not limited to, e-mail correspondence is strictly confidential. Breach of confidentiality may result in Denial of Service.
#Number Ten
The ICRIX reserves the right to use the information provided by the Client for sending to the Client newsletters, notifications, emails about updates, but not limited to the above. Our privacy policy is consistent and aimed at to maintain Client data in maximum security conditions. However, one should take into account the fact that the internet is not completely secure communication medium. For this reason, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information provided to us by the Client.
#Number Eleven
ICRIX will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused to the Client as a result of loss of confidentiality of any such information, in case of sending this information across the untrusted Internet connection or use of information online distributors that are untrusted and/or non-authorized by ICRIX. If the Client uses technologies, that publicly discredits honor and dignity of the ICRIX, as well as its Clients, as well as deliberate acts aimed at causing damage to the property of the ICRIX, as well as the ICRIX's official Site, intentional or not intentional dissemination of information that could damage.